Advanced Memoir with Molly

Have you started writing your memoir? 

Do you ever feel adrift in the ocean of your memories and in need of a guide for direction to continue?

Are you stuck on choosing a structure to tell your story?

Have you ever longed for guidance from someone who's been in your shoes?

I'm here to help!

I've worked with many memoir students both in person and online and now have availability to work with writers one-on-one. I've benefited tremendously in my own writing from using the experience of others to apply to my own work. There is feedback that we all need to hear about our writing that cannot be delivered by our best friend, mom or spouse. Taking the step to hire someone outside your immediate circle reveals a commitment to the art of writing and it's why I call this Advanced Memoir. 

I'm passionate about helping others tell their stories and working one-on-one is so satisfying because of how much can be accomplished in a focused span of time.

Are you serious about going deeper and further with your memoir writing?

My student Stephanie wrote this note to me, "My heart is already overwhelmed with joy. Your first lesson is having a profound impact on me. Thank you for putting your energy in to this platform. I truly believe it's what you are meant to do." 

Would you like to work together?

I've designed this to be a monthly offering. You will receive four weeks of my personal attention with each enrollment. Feel free to jump in and out of at any time depending on your project. Once you join, here's the structure:

  • Molly will design an customized weekly action plan based on the student's written answers to their Burning Issues questionnaire.
  • Molly will provide weekly written feedback on student's submitted writing (up to 1,500 words weekly). 
  • Molly will provide a weekly video chat with student on topics arising from submitted work.

Are you ready to take your work to the next level?

I hope so!

Course Syllabus

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